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Who We Are


Founders Ale & Arantza met in Edinburgh University almost a decade ago. We've been lucky enough to have one of those friendships that feel like a fated meeting of souls. In the time we've known each other we have worked on a number of projects together: poetry slams, a podcast, a collection of gothic short stories; we even managed to organise hundreds of people climbing Arthur's seat to scream their frustration out! (we're serious, read all about it here). 

At the heart of all this is the fact that we love having those kind of experiences that pull you back into who you were before life got in the way. We seek communities, love creativity, and believe in the strength of friendship. 

The Girlhood Guild brings this all into the same space, and opens the doors to other women who feel like they want to reconnect with the joyful girl they used to be, and still are inside. 

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