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Who Was This Tree Made For?

Fiammetta Falchi

A black and white photo of a large tree growing out of an old stone courtyard.

A gate,

made from stone and time.

A door,

opening to eternal stories.

A narrow passageway,

leading to the chambers of imagination.

What is this feeling?

This sound that I perceive?

This smell that permeates the air?

All is here and everywhere.

Now and before, and someday

encased in the layers of time and space

like this tree, embracing

 everybody's wishes, hopes, dreams, and fears 

with its wide-open arms of nature and sorrow,

channeling energies to the sky, 

to the cosmic infinite.

About the Author:

Fiammetta Fidia Falchi, born in Cagliari (Sardinia) on 23 July 1996.

I am a passionate Art Historian and Cultural Heritage Professional with an interest in European medieval history, material culture, and museum exhibition practices. I have written and delivered talks about 14 th -century Italian sculpture and decorative art, and the role that antiquarians played in their modern displacement and display in world-leading museums including the V&A in London. Working directly with the public in historic heritage sites, and as a digital content creator, I am committed to engaging different audiences with fascinating, hidden stories behind artwork.

You can also find me on Instagram @fi_hearte and on LinkedIn.


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